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Uphill / Jan Hein Nielsen

Uphill and Jan Hein Nielsen has been working in the field of large-scale organizational change and development since 1995.

In consultancy the company has especially worked with innovative companies with a strategy of growth in their line of business and market.

Since the beginning, the work was inspired of the leadership potential in hosting people in process, and it felt natural to explore hosting as a capacity for leaders to practice.

Jan Hein Nielsen is the owner of the consultancy company Uphill and is partner in Flow Game Company aps with Monica Nissén and Toke Møller from Interchange aps.

He has co-founded The Art of Hosting and The Flow Game, and is the author to a book on the process of innovation, “Idea development – from head to hand”.



Learning Journey on participatory leadership
22.-25 August
These days are both a Training Ground to step to the next level as leaders and a Learning Village to engage in open space conversations, have time for reflection, building relationships, creating music together and celebrating life.
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The Art of Hosting

Mikkeli, Finland

6 - 8 May 2013

How do we bring out the best in groups, bring more meaning into our life and work and foster innovation?

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The Art of Harvesting Kalundborg, Denmark,

11 - 13 March 2013

We invite you to join us for a two day training in the Art of Harvesting meaningful conversations.

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